The operational initiatives highlighted here provide opportunities for greater efficiency through improved collaboration and coordination in the delivery of IT services to the University community.

Contract Management Program Office

The Contract Management Program Office was created in 2009 as a value-added service to:

  • Create savings by utilizing trained personnel to consolidate contracts, leverage existing contracts, and/or negotiate new contracts
  • Reduce risk by implementing a consistent review process for all information technology contracts
  • Create efficiencies through collaboration with peer institutions and industry benchmarking to validate current contract terms, prices, and best practices.

Architecture Team

The Architecture Team uses consensus to create information technology standards and guidelines, following industry best practices, in these areas:

  • Technology – hardware and software tools
  • Information – data and metadata (semantics, identifiers, formats, protocols)
  • Business – goals, organization, relationships, processes
  • Solutions – compositions of business, information, and technology standards

Project Management Office

With representatives from across the organization, the Project Management Office (PMO) oversees the pipeline of University IT programs and projects. High-level project milestones are tracked to provide information about project status and resource coordination and to identify escalation points should there be any issues and/or risk decisions to be made.