pyramid illustrating strategic planning model

Information technology continues to be a major service and support mechanism and mission-enabling resource for the University ─ specifically for key support activities that can enhance research, teaching and learning, healthcare delivery, and the student experience; and ensure smooth administrative operations. In support of the University’s strategic goals, the following are our strategic IT priorities:

  • Accelerating research through advanced computational support and research visualization capabilities
  • Modernizing our enterprise systems to provide increased capabilities and stay current with technology innovation
  • Maintaining a “defense in depth” strategy for information security to protect the University’s information at every layer of the technical architecture
  • Being diligent and prudent about sustaining foundational infrastructure systems, including a 150-mile enterprise network that continues to save the University approximately $1.8M in external telecommunications costs annually

The University’s IT strategic initiatives are developed around the framework of three strategic goals:

  1. Supporting the mission
  2. Developing enabling systems
  3. Solidifying infrastructure